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One boy in a black jumpsuit costume and a girl in a red outfit and antler crown hold the hand of a third girl all in black.

Subjects: Kage, Marlee, Follin

Project: Dance Show Promotional

Setting: Studio Session

Setup: Off Camera Flash, Theatric Costuming, Performance Coach, Seamless Backdrop

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We love creating impassioned and engaging memories, from dance to portraits and beyond. Actually, the only thing that we love more than exploring imaginative composition is helping our clients bring their dreams and visions to light. So whether you're a performer in need of showing off your skills for an audition, a small business owner ready to show the market your incredible personality, service or product, a parent ready to celebrate your kid surviving school, or a groom/ bride launching a life together, we are here ... waiting ... holding our breath ... and excited to capture memories with you. 

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