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Dreamt Program - Water_edited_edited.jpg
An illustrated composite of a young girl in hospital gear, with a red backpack, looking down a flooding hallway.

Subject: Ellie Jany

Project: "Dreamt" Book

Medium: Photo, Composite Design

The road from which we emerged

The seeds of JLaB Studios were sown back in 2017 when a new group of dancers, soon to transform the dance world and become Company 360 Dance Theatre, took to the rehearsal floor for the first time. After the initial auditions, and then the inaugural show, it became clear that this new performing arts endeavor needed their image and marketing to keep up with the incredible level of talent that was coalescing around the idea of equity in dance.


In concert with the digital design and marketing skills of Company 360's founders (JL and Bailey), and the infusion of professional photo and video products, Carousel Pictures was established the following year and brought the technical and creative skills to the burgeoning creative force. For the next seven years John and Bailey were the in-house photo, video, and design services for Company 360, while also providing photo and video services to individuals and businesses in the region. In that time, the team enjoyed clients from local businesses dance organizations, public schools, theaters, and even a traveling circus. But after seven years, Company 360 closed its doors and J-LaB Studios arose, unable to put away the camera or subdue the passion for creating breathtaking imagery.

Now, JL and Bailey have set their sites on the core of what made Company 360 so different, the images that moved audiences before they even stepped foot in the theater. Like the ethos of Company 360, the at the heart of what propels J-LaB is story ... because we are driven to have the work we do together truly mean something. Now all that limits our impact ... is that we have not yet met you.

An illustration of a woman in black with a heart in the background and an open hole in her chest, showing her bleeding heart.

The JLAB Studios Team

John "JL" LaBarbera


Director of Photography and Design

Bailey Anne Vincent


Dance and Performer Consultant, Video Editor

We are the core of J-LaB; a husband and wife team based in Central Virginia committed to arts and equity in equal measure. We have brough groundbreaking stories to stage, produced boundary pushing dance films, and created the oeuvre of photography, marketing, and digital design for Company 360 Dance Theatre (now Company Dance Theatre). Now as we step into a new chapter, we are taking the opportunity to trim the excess to focus on our marriage, our daughters, our friends, our fun, and our passion for memory making photos, impassioned video, and story-telling design.

A woman in bright red lipstick stands with her arm above her head and one hand partially occluding her right eye.

General Inquiry

J-LaB Studios

Inspiring Images for Aspiring Humans™

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