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Subject: Johnna Miller

Project: Dancer Photoshoot

Setting: Studio Session

Setup: Solid Backdrop, Wood Floor, Off Camera Flash

Inspiring Images


Aspiring Humans™
Oh the places we'll go

While we remain a premiere destination for dance and portrait photography, we are also situated at the edge of expansive possibilities limited only by us not yet meeting. Every J-LaB project begins with collaboration and a dream that guides the creative process. This approach ensures that our time together will feel fresh and exciting. For over a decade we have served a full spectrum of multimedia creation but now we are sloughing off the excess and focusing on what makes our heart truly soar ... creating beautiful photos and films ... and story-driven design ... with aspiring humans.


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Then dream of all that we will do together.

A young girl in white skirt and blue top, against a seamless white backdrop, holds onto a balloon rising into the air.
Our Specialties:

The J-LaB Process


A woman in a bloody white dress falls backwards in the woods.


If you book directly through our site, we are off to the races immediately. After we confirm your date and time, and receive the initial investment/ deposit, we are immediately into the preparation stage.


If we are creating magic together that is not directly bookable, you’ll submit the form on our booking page. As soon as we receive your inquiry, we will reach out and discuss your needs. After a quick chat we will put together a proposal, with pricing and timeline. Once we agree on the specifics, we get to move to step 2!


A woman applies makeup to another woman's face.


Whether you have booked a photoshoot directly through J-LaB’s website, or we have already been back and forth a few times making sure your details are ironed out, there is bound to be a mix of excitement and worry leading up to an appointment with a professional photographer or designer. Worry not, we will walk you through the details … or we will guide you to our favorite resources.


Photography: Okay, so you’re going to model with us. A solid place to start is to recognize, unequivocally, that you are enough! What does that mean for getting prepared? First off, don’t use all your SunCity coupons or drain that new Sephora gift card. Unless we have decided on a high-fashion shoot, less will always be more. So make sure you relax, get sleep, and be on the lookout for an email from us that includes our guide to preparing for a photoshoot … and feel encouraged to browse Pinterest. In fact, if booked with enough lead time, we will set up a Pinterest board to share where we can craft your inspiration together.


Design: Being prepared for a design consult is quite different than a photoshoot. For design work you’ll want to gather up as much inspiration and information as you can. Do you have a mission and vision? Have you done a market analysis? Do you know your audience? Be sure to find comparable personalities or companies, gather the design work you have, and be prepared to discuss your brand and design strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Our creative partnerships are about success as much as it is about pushing the bounds of design. 


A young girl in a flower crown reaches toward the camera while two demonic characters in black chase her.


The wait is over, the day is upon us, and we are creating. If it’s a photoshoot, we are having a blast exploring the poses and angles and compositions that make you look your absolute best. If it’s the first day of a larger initiative, whether photography or design, we are hard at work on the path laid out in step 2. For larger projects, we will be bouncing between creation and anticipation as you receive updates and proofs. 


An editing setup of a wedding video with laptop and computer screen.


Once we have collaborated to collect our initial set of inspiring images, the onus falls back on us to put them in final, fully edited, fully professional format. This will look different depending on the project. For a photoshoot, you’re likely to be seeing first-looks within a week, with your final catalog of images available within two weeks. For more complex projects, ongoing support, or intricate design work we will be in constant communication as we work through the iterations.


No matter the timeline, you will never be left in the dark, even though at heart we are suckers for dramatic reveals. 

J-LaB Studios

Inspiring Images for Aspiring Humans™

Pulling from over a decade of experience running a body-positive performance based dance company, replete with trainee track, the team at JLAB is uniquely situated to not only work with dancers, and dance companies, but also ensure that these uniquely athletic performers look and feel their best in front of a lens. We are outfitted for photo and film, with expertise in crafting imaginative images in studio, on-site, or through immersive dance films on stage or on location. Reach out today to realize your needs, hopes, and dreams.


Dancer Sessions From $500

Dance Company Sessions From $150/ Dancer

*All our dance sessions include our JLaB photographer and our certified dance teacher.


While you may find us snapping photos of buildings, landscapes, and sports from time to time ... the nuance and depth of the human spirit is what makes our shutter finger flutter. We would be absolutely honored to invite you into our studio and/or join you on site to capture all the stories you may be willing to tell. Whether you need masterfully crafted headshots, personal brand portraits, actor or performer reel updates, and beyond ... reach out to us and let's frame up the beauty that is you. 


Headshots From $250

Portraits Sessions From $400


With a focus on story over status, borrowed from our theatre roots, we have developed a knack for finding and spinning a visual yarn ... and what is an event but the celebration of a story. We have partnered with many a bride, groom, company, and organization to provide beautiful photo and video coverage ... all while taking into consideration each event's budget in an effort to bring our services to as many folks as possible. Contact us today to discuss your next event and how we can further your memories, mission, and/or vision.


Wedding Photo and/ or Video From $3,000

Theatre Photo and/ or Video From $2,000

Corporate Events From $2,500


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